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Optomed Canada

Several years ago, spurred on by a need to participate in and be part of Armenia's changing face, the face of their ancestral homeland, and to bring their knowledge and expertise in the field of eye care to Armenia's medical system, Dr. Nadia Injeyan and Mr. Mher Arakelian embarked upon the venture of opening Optomed Canada.

On July 9, 2005, Optomed Canada opened its doors with inaugural celebrations, attended by representation from the Ministry of Health, various embassies, Yerevan State University Medical Faculty, WHO (World Health Organization), AECP (Armenian Eye Care Project) GMEIPO (Garo Meghrigian Eye Institute For Preventive Ophthalmology), Eighth Eye Hospital, Malayan Eye Hospital, members of local ophthalmology and medical community and media.

Optomed Canada's Mandate is:

  • To create a Diagnostic Eye Center which strives to always make available to Yerevan doctors the most advanced in ophthalmic technology that they may in turn, provide the highest quality care to their patients.
  • To provide continuing education to physicians on technological advances in diagnosis and management of eye disease and analysis of results.
  • Cooperate with non-profit health organizations present in Armenia in the promotion of preventative eye-care awareness in the general public and in the development of eye clinics outside of Yerevan.

To this day, Mr. Mher Arakelian and Dr. Nadia Injeyan, continue to visit Armenia several times a year to support Optomed Canada, both in terms of continuing education, patient examination consultation, and in terms of business and economic support in the quest for fulfilling Optomed's Mandate.