November 2012 - International Conference on Ophthalmology convened in Tbilisi. Representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Transcaucasia took part in the event. Doctor V. Hakobyan made a report on "Orthokeratology as a method of myopia correction". The report aroused a great deal of interest among the participants and the discussion of the topic took place. Dr. V. Hakobyan was awarded an international certificate and was invited to make a report during the next conference.

September 2012 - Dr. Lilit Kirakosyan attended Vision Expo Exhibition in Las Vegas.

She had 30 hours of intensive CME course, dedicated to glaucoma, age related macular degeneration (AMD) and crosslinking procedure.

Lectures on glaucoma included advanced techniques in helping to diagnose glaucoma in very early stages, which is crucial for preventing vision loss in many glaucoma patients. During the lectures 0n AMD, updates on nutritional supplements for AMD were presented as well as new genetic testing procedures were discussed. The latter was presented by the MaculaRisk company.

Dr. Kirakosyan with the founder of Optomed Canada - Mr. Mher Arakelian attended the Vision Expo Exhibition, where up to date equipment were presented by famous companies, such as Carl Zeiss, Opticon, Medmont and others.

Optomed Canada has always been known as a pioneer in acquiring and implementing contemporary diagnostic techniques in its everyday work and is now thinking about acquiring several contemporary diagnostic equipment, such as Smartscope - a handheld device, to look the retina and the optic nerve and make photos without dilating the pupil, and Optikam - a special equipment that electronically takes all necessary measurements for glasses and provides educational materials and videos on ocular anatomy, physiology and eye diseases.

After Las Vegas Dr. Kirakosyan travelled to California, where she had the honor to meet with Dr. Carmen Puliafito at Doheney's Eye Institute. Dr. Puliafito is a famous retinal specialist and one of three people who collaborated the method of OCT (optical coherence tomography).

August 2009 - Dr. Varsik Hakobyan visited Canada for a 3 week intensive training and continuing education session. Alongside Dr Injeyan, Dr Hakobyan observed western ophthalmology practices and had the opportunity to observe some of the latest surgical procedures in eye care performed by some of Canada's most prominent surgeons. These included several cataract surgery procedures using phacoemulsification, limbal relaxing incisions to reduce astigmatism, toric and bifocal IOL placements. They also included several Refractive Surgery procedures employing latest innovations such as Intralase LASIK, implantable Contact Lens and Refractive Lens Exchange, and corneal crosslinking and intacs (intra corneal lens) for keratoconus patients. In addition Dr Hakobyan visited Canadian optical laboratories of Zeiss and PCL to observe first hand the latest techniques in spectacle lens manufacturing and also Cardinal Contact Lens Manufacturing Laboratory.

October 2006- Dr. Injeyan visits clinic to introduce Orthokeratology and train staff on fitting techniques of these lenses. This is also a very valuable service which is currently only provided at Optomed.

February 2006 - Dr. Injeyan visits clinic to provide training on fitting of special lenses for keratoconic patients. These unique lenses which are imported from Canada provide unparalleled visual acuity and relief for patients who otherwise cannot see very well at all. This is a unique service in Armenia and Optomed is proud to be able to provide it.

October 2005 - Dr. Kirakosyan traveled to the United States to give a PowerPoint presentation "Eye Care Services in Armenia" at the Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois and at the Rotary Club in Westerville, Ohio.

July 2005 - Dr. Nadia Injeyan lectures on OCT. Dr. Injeyan presents a lecture at the AUA to local ophthalmologists on the technology behind the Zeiss OCT and uses case studies to explain its value in differential diagnosis of various forms of macular disease and in diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma.

July 2005 - Optomed Canada opens its doors in Yerevan, Armenia on July 09, 2005. Celebrating along with the founding members Mr. Mher Arakelian and Dr. Nadia Injeyan were their family members who traveled with them from Canada. Attending the ceremonies were many members of government including the Deputy Minister of Health, representatives of Yerevan State University and Department of Ophthalmology, AECP, WHO, World Vision, and representatives from media, and many members of the local ophthalmology community.