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Dr. Varsik Hakobyan - Medical Staff

Dr. Varsik Hakobyan, born in Sisian, Armenia, completed her medical studies at Yerevan State Medical University of Armenia and her regency in Ophthalmology at National Institute of Health and 8th Eye Clinic Hospital, in 1998.

As a staff ophthalmologist at 8th Eye Clinic, Dr. Hakobyan treated patients with glaucoma, uveitis, diabetic and other retinopathies. In addition to her responsibilities there, Dr. Hakobyan was and continues to be involved with many benevolent organizations, that provide visual screening exams for Yerevan City kindergarten children, with AECP which provides services to many of Armenia's villages and smaller towns, and with GMEIPO (Garo Meghrigian Eye Institute For Preventive Ophthalmology) in developing and participating in fieldwork and outreach programs and in training of village ambulatory nurses.

In 2005, Dr. Hakobyan, co-authored the publications "Basics of Ophthalmology", Brochure for family physicians, ophthalmic and general nurses, Yerevan, Armenia and "Two-Day Training Course in Ophthalmology For the Village Ambulatory Nurses" (article), XXVII Annual ASPHER, Yerevan Armenia.

Also in 2005, as part of GMEIPO, Dr. Hakobyan prepared a 2 month Training course curriculum for eye care professionals from different regions of Armenia. She also lectured for this course and monitored their practices performed at 8th eye hospital.

She also participated in the Planning Workshop leading to a National Strategic Plan on Prevention of Blindness in Armenia in Yerevan, 2005.

In 2005 Dr Hakobyan joined the Optomed Canada staff in Yerevan where she brings her expertise in medical ophthalmology to providing exceptional patient care.

In 2007, in Yerevan, during Ophthalmology Conference sponsored by Alcon Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Hakobyan presented on the value and importance of the implementation of Optical Coherence Tomography in the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, using her own case studies and findings at Optomed Canada.

Dr. Hakobyan, in her spare time enjoys family life with her husband and two children, music and literature.

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